Company culture

Current and future success of the company depends on it’s competitiveness.

How to measure such a thing? To be competitive means to be better than the others. Paret’s law states that 20% of the most successful will enjoy 80% of the riches. We strive to be amongst the best in business of casting. Our goal is not only profit but being among the best. The company earnings will be the result.

How to achieve this? Hundred years ago one of the most successful Czechoslovakian entrepreneurs Tomas Bata, the famous shoe maker said that everything is possible if you have the skill and the willpower. Clever formula how to become the best in two words. “To have the will and skill” is at the core of our company culture.

We look for employees, who want to and know how to do the job and if they don’t know how but are willing to learn we welcome them as well. Such a team is bound to succeed, be competitive and  secure the future of our company. Putting Paret’s law to work again the best also earn the most.

Open Positions

At this moment we only have positions open for czech speaking employees. Please head out to czech career site for more.

Company Benefits

Motivational Benefits

All employees are elligable for bonuses based on their department KPIs.

Extra bonuses are paid to those going above and beyond their duties.


Lunch is served in copany canteen from two neer by restaurants. Snacks can be bought throughout the day as well.

Five Weeks Vacation

All employees are eligable to five weeks of vacation.

Pension Insurance

Employees may become eligable for extra benefit of pension fund contributions.

Personal Development

Every employee in the company is given responsibility corresponding to their will and skill. Promotion to management positions is possible as well as cross department transitions.

No position? Send us your CV, we will get in touch!

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